The story behind Bubbles & Bliss

Josée-Anne Sarazin-Côté Bubbles and Bliss Bulles et Bottillons

That’s me, hi! :)      – Picture from Michel Ostaszewski

Wow did Bubbles & Bliss change over the years! What started out as a final undergrad project ended up being my small business.

It was a French blog, up until not long ago (May 2015). So if you hear Bulles & Bottillons, it’s the French version, which would directly translate to Bubbles & Booties. There was no way I was naming my blog Bubbles & Butts and I was in love with the word Bliss, so here it is!

In the beginning, the site was… hum, VERY humble. It would hurt your eyes if you watched for too long (BRIGHT PINK EVERYWHERE WAAAA!) and it was done with my (very) limited skills at the time.

We were 4 cofounders at the beginning. Quickly, more writers joined… and in December 2013 we were a team of 22 people, can you imagine!

Bubbles & Bliss was then producing A LOT of content, but less and less authentic. The nice writing style that made us stand out, the style that our readers first fell in love with was quietly (but quickly) drifting away.

And than, slowly, we went back to the start. The team got smaller, the style got better and the managing got closer.

Today, I am so proud of what Bubbles & Bliss has become. The other 3 cofounders all went away, to pursue their own dreams (and I am so proud of them!) and B&B became my own little project.

It’s now my full time job and I sincerely hope that you appreciate the result. There is still a lot a « cuteness », don’t worry! Just in a softer, more mature way, full of small treasures and happiness… Because every day deserves bubbles!

I write most of the content you’ll read here, but I also have a precious and talented contributor: Karina, who brings with her tons of DIYs and her artistic touch. Her articles are splendid!

I often hear that reading Bubbles & Bliss is like talking to a BFF. It’s the most awesome compliment I could ever receive! Warms my heart every time.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of your daily life.

With bliss,


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