The happiness of good deeds – My partnership with the Bal Tel-Jeunes

Have you ever done little good deeds? We can never think that an action, as small as it might be, has no impact what so ever. Every single tiny little gesture has an impact. Even if it’s just picking up a plastic bottle in the park, it counts. Maybe someone will have seen you and be inspired by you to reproduce the same kind of action. Another person will see that person and so on, and so on. It creates a series of good deeds.

In my everyday life, I would give out coffee to a homeless person when it’s cold, help a senior transport his tray in the food court, or pick up trash on the ground on my way to a meeting. Those are really little things, but they all make a small difference. And you know what? Every time I do something like that, I feel awesome. It makes my day! Not only am I helping out someone else, but also, myself, by boosting my self-esteem. Doing a good deed puts a smile on your face, it’s guaranteed. (Let’s not do good deeds just for that, but let’s say it’s a nice side effect ;)

When we become adults, we arrive at a point where we can have a bigger impact in the causes that are dear to our hearts. We technically have a little more money, which can make a big difference for research or humanitarian organizations. Don’t have money? (Hey, join the club!) You can help by giving some of your time.

bal tel-jeunes

One of the causes that touches me is helping teenagers. I was lucky enough to have a pretty decent adolescence, but I know that it is not everybody’s reality and that even the smoothest teen years have their miserable moments. Those are some cruel years, yet so impactful on our future. It can easily go from awesome to horrific and when you are 14 years old, being dumped by your friends is REALLY the end of the world.

Anyway. Organizations like Tel-Jeunes, who are there for teenagers, to help them face their problems, seek solutions, realize that life is worth living, open-up about their problems, say no to bullying, accept who they really are… Organizations like that are VITAL.

Since I can’t really give money to the cause, I decided to give some of my time. There are 14 Tel-Jeunes Ambassadors, all from the business community, that joined forces to create the Bal Tel-Jeunes. An event to raise money for the cause, while helping young professionals to network. That’s a 2 for 1 ladies and gentlemen!

So how am I helping them? I am one of their official bloggers! For the next month, I will write an article each week about their bal. (Like what to wear and what hairstyle could you sport, but also, why should you go).

You would like to participate? You can buy your tickets online and get more information about the cause on their website. You can also go on their Facebook page.

The money raised will be donated to the Tel-Jeunes Fondation. Know that you can also make a simple donation, instead of buying tickets.

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