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Services Bulles & Bottillons décoration coaching relation avec les blogueurs

Did you know that you can hire me for different services? Either you are a business are an individual, it’s possible to work with me for many things!


guide sur la course à pied - comment s'entraîner en jogging

I have a lot of experience in running, both with training and technique. I was the running coach for both InMotion, a major Oakley event. I was a national athlete in track and field for several years. So without having any « official » degree, I learned from the best of the business: running technique, training, weightlifting, recuperation, nutrition, healthy way of living. It’s what developed my interest to coach bootcamp trainings too. I pick from exercices and knowledge from everything I learned, add some pliometrics (my specialty) and a lot of fun to create my trainings.

Either you are a group of friends that want a bootcamp training or a running workshop, or a business that wants to give their employee a workshop/conference on the subject, simply contact me and we’ll organize it.

I also give conferences about entrepreneurship and blogging. It is possible to create a double conference, with a training for example, paired with a talk on entrepreneurship and how to create the career of your dreams.

Bloggers relations

Are you a business that would like to have blogger campaigns? Or are you already in touch with bloggers, but dont get the results you were hoping for? I’me here to help.

I’ve worked in public relations, I also was a journalist and I’ve been a blogger and freelancer for the past 3 years. I know both sides of the medal, I know what irritates bloggers and how to get their attention, the good way. I also have a lot of contacts in that field. I can recommend some specific bloggers for your brand: having the right target is important. Just send me an email and we’ll start working on reaching the right bloggers for you.


Décoration campagne Ça vaut de l'or Bulles et Bottillons

I create decoration for corporative or private events, or simply at home. You can see an exemple of corporative decoration with the Ça vaut de l’or campaign  that I did.

I also have a big inventory of vintage goods, like Mason Jars, trunks, furniture, table ware and more that I use when I decorate. Good for you, because you pay for a small renting fee, instead of having to buy stuff every time. You can also see examples of baby showers that I decorated in the past (Léon and Eliott). I’m available for you wedding, Holiday party or just to give a fresh new look to your living room.

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  • I’m looking for the bowls that you have used under the candles for corporate events. Can you tell me where you got them. Thanks so much, Diane