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Peak performance

In my every day life, two words rule my choice of clothing: comfort and quality. And one goes with the other… You can’t really expect to have a comfortable t-shirt if it’s badly assembled and with a cheap fabric. It especially picked up in importance for me in the last couple of years. (I don’t shop at H&M and Forever XXI anymore. Anyway their clothes are fitted for 14 year olds, so I don’t fit in them.)

Recently, I was invited to discover the Peak Performance clothes and I fell in love! A real clothing love at first sight kind of crush, like I haven’t had in a while.

First, you have to know that I received the clothes about 2 weeks ago. So, it’s been 2 weeks that I wear them over and over. It wasn’t just an afternoon, for the photo shoot. Hell no! I’ve literally been living in those clothes for 15 days. (No joke)




For those of you who don’t know the brand, Peak Performance is a clothing company from Sweden. They have a lot of sport clothes (skiing, hiking, outdoor sports, cycling, running, golf, etc.), clothes perfect for travelling and a casual collection. It’s more about this one that I’ll talk today.

The brand was created by 3 friends, who were tired of ski clothes that were too flashy, uncomfortable and that you have to take off the second you finish skiing. So from the start, the Peak clothes were thought like that: comfortable clothes, super technical, with a more classic look (far from boring though) and that are nice enough for you to keep for the après-ski. (Or any other sport followed by a social gathering).

What I loved

Ok. I’ll be a 100% honest with you, I have a problem that I rarely never talk about, which is really stupid cause I’m pretty sure everybody sweats… But, yeah. I sweat a lot. I’m really bothered with that and I always have to think about what I’ll wear like a 1000 times because I don’t want to end up with sweat spots.

The Peak Performance clothes, even the ones in the casual collection, are really well built, with high quality and technical fabrics that not only breath, but also are softer than clouds (yep!). Bonus: some of them are even anti-odours! Those are really useful for travelling: with an anti-odours and wrinkle-free fabric, it’s easy to wear the same thing more than once. #winning

So, as I was saying, it’s been 15 days that I live in my Peak clothes and… I haven’t done laundry yet. Ok, today it’s about time, but really, I wore each top 3 times, no joke. I was comfortable, I didn’t sweat and even after wearing it 3 times, it doesn’t smell. And the fabric… OMG! Sooooooo soft. It’s so light and comfortable, it’s almost like wearing nothing.

Part of the clothes I got have double functions: you can wear them as casual clothing, but also, they’re made for hiking, for example. It’s the case with my cute plaid shirt and the gray pants. The shirt is made for travelling and hiking (anti-odour, dries quickly, in a soft and eco-friendly organic cotton) and the pants are for hiking (wind resistant and quick drying). But, you can also wear both of them anywhere.


Peak Performance Bulles & Bottillons look casual

Live from the flea market. 


Details, details, details…

I just love clothes with nice little details… a blend of different patterns in the fabric, rose gold zippers, a metallic logo attached, those all make a difference.



The only negative point I could think of is the price, especially if you are not used to spend a little more on clothing. The casual collection ranges from 50 to 160$. The sport clothes, I’ll tell you more about them another time, but be ready to pay a little more, as they are SUPER technical and wicked quality.

It can be surprising to pay 100$ for jogging pants, but it’s so worth it when you can wear them more than once, they don’t die after 1-2 washes, they don’t give you an itchy butt (for sure, you know what I mean. You know those cheap pants that after a couple of hours sitting, your butt just starts to itch… Yuk.) and they’re nice enough to wear in real life, not just at home. My boyfriend is beyond happy, now that I’ve stopped stealing his old, gross and 8 times my size jogging pants.

If you are in Quebec, know that we have our own Peak Performance store, YAY! It’s located in the Quartier Dix30, but you can also buy online, straight from their website. You can also have a look at the international website. You won’t be able to buy, but you’ll find more informations about the products.

You can also find the Peak clothes in these stores:

– Oberson:

– La Cordée:

– La Vie Sportive:

– Simons:

– And the Explore boutique, in Mont-Tremblant

So, do you like it? Apparently, the summer dresses and shorts are coming soon… I can’t wait to show you!

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