Mother’s Day: a local shopping guide

thanks mom

It’s almost that day of the year again, where it’s time to thank our moms for (almost) always being so patient and comprehensive with us. They are always there for us, have sacrificed so much for our happiness, it’s just normal to thank them at least once a year (even though it should be every day!). Even if it’s a « commercial » holiday, I think it sooooo deserves to be there.

I prepared you guys a local shopping guide, to say a big warm thank you to our moms <3

au naturel soy candles

Au Naturel Soy Candles are handmade, with 100% organic soy wax. There is a huge selection of fragrances, like sage & lavender, green tea & white pear, fresh cotton, etc. I have those candles EVERYWHERE in my house, so let me tell you that they burn well, for a really long time and with an amazing smell. The lady who makes them is really nice and sweet. And there is now an online boutique, so you can order those awesome candles from anywhere. YAY!

foulard coton bio fait à la main

I just discovered the Etsy Shop Twill and Print and I am in love. Organic and quality fabrics, hand printed designs, natural and organic dyes… And the products are amazing! At $55 a scarf, it’s totally worth the price, you really get what you pay for, it’s handmade in Montreal and you’ll give mommy a high quality gift. (Not that those macaroni drawings were not, don’t get me wrong!).

bracelet fete des meres

A simple, elegant and feminine bracelet. Plus, you get to choose the colour of the stones. Perfect personalized gift for mom! Available in the Sweetheart Jewelry Box Etsy Shop, $37.


Why not give a nice mug from Alice in Montreal? Aurelia makes one for every city, so you’ll be able to choose your mom’s favorite. ($25)

produits corporels fete des meres evy jo et co

Oh boy, do I love Evy Jo & Co products! The brand has come up with the ultimate Mother’s Day kit, perfect for those homemade spa and pampering days. It includes a nice soap dish, an organic luxury soap bar, an organic cotton cloth, bath salts, a face mask and a beauty serum. You also choose the fragrance of your choice for every product. This is the perfect kit to remind mom that she needs « mommy time » once in while. ($78)

carte-417-press-fete-des-meresOne of the nicest gifts I can give my mom (it’s what she asks for every Christmas, birthday and Mother’s Day) is simply to write her a nice letter. One that comes from the heart, that’s honest and a little more profound than « Yo mom, Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Jo xx ». She’s always really delighted (I even make her cry sometimes) and it takes nothing more than a nice card and a little bit of time. I like this one, from 417 Press.

bouquet garcon fleur

And last but not least, the classic flower bouquet. You could also buy her some nice perennials that she’ll plant in her garden, so each year, she’ll smile and think of you when they bloom. Or, you could also buy her a unique bouquet, like this one from Garcon Fleur.

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