Meet Jacqueline, a Red Bull athlete that inspires other women to rip it!

Jacqueline Legere Red Bull Crashed Ice

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I met Jacqueline Legere (right, on the picture) at the Oakley Progession Sessions, held April 4-5 in Tremblant, QC. The snow park and slope style event, exclusively for women, reaches out to girls who want to challenge themselves, get out of their confort zone and take control of the park, an environment that’s typically for boys (and a little intimidating, let’s be honest).

Jacqueline was in my group of riders. I was instantly impressed by her character (that girl is NOT afraid) and all the actions she takes to invite women to challenge themselves and be fierce. She created the group « Chicks That Rip » to unite and inspire all women and encourage them to get into extreme and non conventional sports, like dirt bike, wake board, kite surf, slope style, etc.

Oh. And Jacqueline is also a Red Bull Crashed Ice athlete (Wait, WHAT!?). Yup. She rips the skating track. You can watch her here, winning the silver medal at the St-Paul’s event this winter, in front of 140 000 people. (Just click here if the video doesn’t load).

(That’s her in pink. Isn’t she AMAZING!!?)

And what does this super awesome girl does for a living? She’s a stunt woman, you know. No big deal. #GIRLBOSS

So. This girl must be the coolest ever. She ain’t scared of anything, she’s daring, loves to challenge herself and she wants to see more girls involved in extreme sports. I asked her a couple of questions on her mission and her personal journey. Here’s what she had to say!

You do a lot of sports that are not « conventional » for women (let’s put it like this), what made you start to do all those sport?

I think challenge to these « non-conventional » is what draws me towards them. I did, and still do, have influence from my older brother and guy friends to try a lot of the sports I am now a part of and others I just had the urge to try. The sports I participate in are: wake boarding, long boarding, dirt biking, skydiving, skiing, soccer, hockey, crashed ice/ice cross down hill, biking(cross country, down hill, road), rock climbing, slack lining, roller blading, and parkour (i believe that is it…).

How is the women’s community in extreme sports?

The women’s community in extreme sports is sparse. There is definitely a women’s community there but it’s very thinly spread I find. It has been growing a lot in the last few years, which is AMAZING! I have met so many women/girls who are interested in trying new extreme sports because they are inspired by other women they see. I think it is getting bigger everywhere for women to be a part of extreme sport community and can’t wait for it to grow even more!

Jacqueline Legere sports extremes

How would you encourage a girl to try an extreme sport?

Girls who want to try extreme sports usually already « want » to do it, but they just need help getting started. It’s just like anything that you are foreign to, you just need a little guidance in the beginning. I try to encourage other women to try extreme sports by showing the female side of it, so it’s less intimidating. I have been trying to post Youtube videos of most sports I do on the « Chicks That Rip » channel, to show how they are done. In my videos, I also have some beginners to show other women where you would start. It’s good to show that, so they have real expectations and are not intimidated.

How did you start to compete in the Red Bull Crashed Ice events?

Red Bull Crashed Ice was one of my own « wants ». None of my friends have tried it. I saw it on TV one time and fell in love with the idea right away. I then signed up for the try outs, not expecting to get chosen, and I did! I went to the try out not knowing what to expect and I made it for the first year in 2011/2012. From my first event I’ve loved it and continued competing.

How is it to win a medal in front of 140 000 people?

It is such an experience, you have so many people cheering for you its unbelievable! The fans really bring the energy vibe and its amazing to have them there.

Jacqueline Legere Bulles et Bottillons entrevue sur les femmes dans le sport extreme

What’s your favorite sport and why?

I honestly can’t say I have one favourite sport. I really love every sport I do and no matter what sport I am doing, I am always having a good time, always learning more and meeting new people. The sports I do all have something a bit different, but all bring the same feeling so I can’t choose just one!

How and why did you start Chicks That Rip?

I started Chicks That Rip to have a women’s extreme sports community in our area and inspire others to try new things. We want girls to CHALLENGE THEMSELVES! I mostly train with guys and there are so many girls out there that follow me and say they want to try the things I do, or ask how they get into certain sports. So with my passion for extreme sports, inspiration from others and the interest from other women made me think… Thats what started Chicks That Rip! I first started by making short Youtube videos, an Instagram page and a Facebook group. I have held a few small events in different sports (biking, rock climbing, wake boarding) and made some apparel. I am excited to grow this community and have many more events!

Who can be part of the movement?

Anyone girl, women, female can be part of the movement! 

Where can we join?

You can join and keep up dated at:
Instagram: @chicksthatrip_
Facebook: (group is called Chicks that rip)

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