Josee-Anne Sarazin-Cote

Josée-Anne Sarazin-Côté Bulles et Bottillons

Photographer: Michel Ostaszewski

To know a little more about Bubbles & Bliss, don’t hesitate to read the story behind the blog. After all, it did go from a school project, to a team of 25, to, finally, my personal project (!).

What could I tell you about me… I’m 27, I’m a gemini and an ambivert. You know, not introvert, not extrovert, but a little bit of both. I don’t like small talk, it makes me uncomfortable, that’s why you’ll rarely see me in a big fancy event. I love to be with people, but that are important to me. I easily make new friends, but I have no problem with solitude. If I’m with people who take a lot of space, I won’t take any. If I’m with people that don’t take any, I’ll take more. You see what I mean?

Other than than, I live in the country, about an 1:30 away from Montreal, so I don’t really write about what’s buzzing there. I love where I live, I, for sure, was a mermaid in a previous life and I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to let me have a goat and chickens. (But he says that with 2 dogs, a cat and 500 sheep, it’s enough! Oh yes, I live on a sheep farm!).

Here, I write, in the most honest way possible, about my failures, successes, life experiences and favorite things. If I can have ONE reader relate and know that she (or he) is not alone, it’s worth it :)

For any inquiry regarding Bubbles & Bliss, you can always reach me at

I also have my company in decoration and video production, mostly for events, corporate or private. To know more, you can visit Marguerite’s Website.

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