How to start your blog – The Starter Kit

How to start your blog

You want to start your blog but don’t know how and where to start?

I’ll help you create the blog of your dreams in a couple of simple steps. 

The Starter Kit includes:

  • A first meeting to chat, evaluate your goals and needs and define your vision (an hour, private session)
  • Exercices to find the good name, the right branding and the perfect niche (exercises sheets, to do at home)
  • A follow-up meeting to validate everything and get started with creation (30 minutes, private or small group)
  • A SEO writing class (30 minutes, private or small group + work sheets to help you afterwards)
  • Help to find your domain, hosting service and template
  • A course to teach you how to use WordPress (an hour + work sheets)
  • A final meeting, where you get to ask all your questions (an hour, private)

The package is sold for $300.

Write me to reserve your spot or if you have any questions!

Book it for you and 3 friends for the special price of $800 ($200 each). The sessions will be for your group of 4 and be a little longer, so everybody has time to talk and ask all their questions. 

Come on, let’s create the blog of your dreams together!

*Please note that the Starter Kit is for the WordPress platform. Some fees are inevitable when you start a blog: your domain name (normally around $10), the hosting services (around $75) and sometimes, you might need to buy a template (between $45 and $115). There are a lot of free templates, but sometimes you might be little limited with them. When buying the package, keep in mind that you will also have those fees to pay, as they are not included in the package.


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