Editorial Policy

Having a blog brings a lot of free stuff in the mail.


My dear readers, know that I only talk about what I really love. Which means, for companies, that I won’t automatically talk about everything I receive.

If I receive something and I talk about it in an article, it will always be mentioned that it was a gift.

When an article is sponsored, it will always be mentioned.

Know that I carefully choose the sponsored articles I accept. The last thing I want is for the blog to just endorse any product, even if it doesn’t for with me and than loose my honesty and authenticity.

Even if I receive money in exchange of an article or a video (thank God because products don’t pay the bills!), be sure that it’s products or companies I really like.

If you ave any questions, readers or businesses, you can always contact me at bullesetbottillons@gmail.com. If you are interested to develop a partnership with Bubbles & Bliss, or would like to be featured on the blog, you can also visit the Collaborations page.

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