You would like to develop a collaboration with Bubbles & Bliss? Easy breezy! I looooove to create authentic and unique partnerships with brands I love, that fit the values and lifestyle of the blog. Just contact me and we’ll think about something custom made, just for you.

Here are some options for you:

  • Custom made partnerships
  • Bubbles & Bliss collection development
  • Creation of e-books, in relation with your product or service
  • Public speaking
  • Look books
  • Advertising on the website
  • Advertising in the newsletter
  • Sponsored article
  • Video production and hosting
  • Social media collaborations
  • And so much more!

Why choose Bubbles & Bliss?

Good question! Why choose me over the hundreds of other blogs in Quebec and Canada? First of all, I have kick ass stats. Don’t be fooled by my social media followers. I might have less than some people, but my conversion rate is off the roof.

And on top of stats, I’m a professional. That makes a big difference for brands. I am a former journalist and reporter, so that shows in my writing, video editing and public speaking skills. And also a big plus: I write in English and French. Working with me is like a 2 for 1! You get to reach out to the Quebec French-speaking women and the anglophone community of North America.

Amongst the brands I have worked with, there are: Peak Performance, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Telus, Oakley, Caudalie, Kraft, Garnier, Tourism PEI and many more.

You would like to know more about the blog’s stats and my personal experience? Just write me an email and I’ll tell you all about it! I have a media kit, but it’s only in French for now. The English version is coming very soon.



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